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Horizontal milling machine XL6030
Horizontal milling machine XL6030
Horizontal milling machine XL6030

Horizontal milling machine XL6030

Universal Milling Machine

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Part No.96
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The XL6030,horizontal knee-type milling machine from Hoston Machinery is the perfect mill for anyone just getting into machining.   It carries on the tradition of a well built economical machine that will do everything you could ask and more.  220 volt, 380 volt and other customized voltage allow being run just about anywhere, making it a good fit for just about any size fabricator or machine shop.

Technical Data

Working area

Table set up area

T-slots no.

T-slots width



50x12 in

3 positions

0.6 in

3 in

1270x300 mm

3 positions




Travel X-axis

Travel Y-axis

Travel Z-axis


28 in

12 in

16 in

720 mm

300 mm

400 mm


Spindle speed

Spindle mount

Spindle nose to-table surface distance


(12) 35-1500 rpm

ISO 40

3 – 19 in

(12) 35-1500 rpm

ISO 40

75-475 mm

Table rapid feed

Rapid feed X-axis

Rapid feed Y-axis

Rapid feed Z-axis

53 in

53 in

39 in

1335 mm

1335 mm

1000 mm

Table feed

Feed X-axis

Feed Y-axis

Feed Z-axis

1-33 in/min

1-33 in/min

1-25 in/min

30-830 mm/min

30-830 mm/min

23-625 mm/min

Drive capacity

Motor rating main spindle


4 HP


3 KW

Measures and weights

Overall dimensions (length x width x height)



68x66x68 in

3300 lbs

1720x1680x1730 mm

1500 kg


Standard Equipment

·Horizontal Knee-type

·Widely used worldwide

·Driven by AC servo motor

·Table automatic feed on X,Y,Z

·Automatic rapid feed X,Y,Z

·±45°rotary table can be configured

·Digital Read Out for choice

·220 volt, 380 volt and other customized voltage

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