January 30, 2024 Hoston Machinery

A tandem hydraulic press brake completed

It consists of 2 sets of normal type press brake 250-ton and 3200 millimeter length. 

The two machines are connected through electrical connection, hydraulic connection and mechanical connection to achieve synchronous operation.

The electrical connection is installing a linkage controller on one of the positioning hosts, and then connect it to the control box of the other machine through a circuit, In that case, the two press brake will move up and down at the same time.

The hydraulic connection is connected to the oil tanks and upper choke pipes of the two machines through two hoses, which make the pressure of the two machines balanced when working under pressure. The mechanical connection means the 2 pcs of ram are connected together to ensure synchronization absolutely .

The advantage of tandem hydraulic press brake is easy operation and low price. It is suitable for industries such as gutters, sinks, steel structures, and handmade panels.

A tandem hydraulic press brake completed


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