March 06, 2024 Hoston Machinery

Several CNC Metal Spinning Machines with manipulator

Recently, the production of several WLL-SRS650 metal spinning machines with manipulator customized by our customers has been completed and is waiting for customer acceptance!

WLL-SRS650 is a CNC metal spinning machine specially developed to meet the production needs of small spinning parts in lamps, cookware, chemicals, hardware, handicrafts and other industries.

The maximum processing diameter of the sheet is 650mm, and the maximum processing length of the workpiece is 400mm.

It can process 0.5-2.0mm thick aluminum alloy copper, and can also process 0.5-1.0mm thick stainless steel and carbon steel.

This machine tool is equipped with a 6-station spinning turret. The rotating tool is controlled by the 808D Siemens system. It has the function of automatic switching between multiple stations and realizes functions such as flanging,rolling, and trimming.

Equipped with manipulator ML-201, it can automatically complete loading and unloading, completely solving the traditional problems of high labor costs and low spinning efficiency.

Several CNC Metal Spinning Machines with manipulator

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