Double Spindle CNC Lathe
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Model: LK-200MSY
Machine TypeUnit
Processing capacitySwing over bedmm700700
Max. machining diametermm350350
Machining lengthmm560560
Axial travelX axis travelmm210210
Y axis travelmm±50±50
Z axis travelmm600600
PrecisionSpindle runoutmm0.0040.004
Spindle indexing and positioning precision
X/Y/Z axis repeatabilitymm0.0020.002
Positive spindle
(Electric spindle)
 Max. rotary speedrpm40004000
Chuck sizeinch8"8"
Spindle nose form
Spindle boremm6666
Max. passable bar dia.mm5252
(Electric spindle)
Max. rotary speedrpm6000
Chuck sizeinch6"
Spindle nose form
TurretTurret type
12-station powered turret
12-station powered turret
Outside dia. tool holder dia.mm2525
Inner dia. tool holder dia.mm4040
Power head speedrpm60006000
TailstockServo tail top(programmable)mm
Sleeve taper holeISO
Moving speedX-axis rapid movement speedm/min3030
Y-axis rapid movement speedm/min1515
Z-axis rapid movement speedm/min3030
Motor PowerPositive spindlekw18.518.5
X axis servo motorkw2.42.4
Z axis servo motorkw2.42.4
Y axis servo motorkw2.42.4
Milling motorkw5.55.5


The machine is equipped with the double spindle and the auxiliary tool holder, to achieve workpiece rotation docking for secondary processing, reducing the second clamping time.

It adopts high-grade, low-stress, cast box-type horizontal lathe bed, which has excellent mechanical properties and precision stability.

The customized integrated power tool turret has the characteristics of high positioning accuracy and good stability. The standard tool turret can withstand 70Gg cooling pressure and can achieve high-pressure cooling and high-pressure chip breaking.

The feed axes all adopt Japanese THK roller guides, Z-axis type 45.

Y-axis control can be complex shape processing; Back axis can also be cut face machining, without the need for secondary processing in the car drilling.

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