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HMC800 HMC800 HMC800 HMC800
Product Description

■ A prevalent inverted  T-shaped layout is in the base frame, which is high in rigidity of the integral structure and is not creative of any overturning during the full stroke

■ The base frame manufacture by five-sided machine high-precisely machining centre , finish most work in one chucking

■ A grouped 600 angular contact ball bearing 15 adopted in the lead screw , which 15 doubly supported and pre-tensioned ,50 as to increase the machining precision

■ High-frequency hardened slide rails or heavy- load high precision roller guide ways , which have an excellent property of shock absorption and can bear heavy load cutting

■ Taiwan precision spindle , 6000r / min and with air film protection device , so as to ensure to keep the spindle precision and service long life

■ CNC rotary table , Indexing table ,exchange table for optional

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Good workmanship, reasonable design and friendly service

Good workmanship, reasonable design and friendly service

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