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The Machine Tool is equipped with 828D baseline numerical control system of SIEMENS Company or with other numerical control systems appointed, which has the functions that the numerical control machine has, such as straight line interpolation, circular arc interpolation, rapid position, enactment of coordinate system, cutter bias, circulating startup, fixed circle, self-diagnosis and program memory.  The miller, with high rigidity and good machining precision, is suitable to process various plane surfaces, holes and complicated shapes of parts and is important equipment for mechanical manufacture, pattern manufacture and teaching.

The main drive of miller adopts transducer to control motor and is cooperated with the drive of holding wire to realize the steeples speed variation of the main shaft.  The three coordinates of X, Y and Z all adopt the stepping motor connecting the ball screw rod directly as to realize the feeding motion of each direction.  The ball screw rod adopts the pre-drawing structure which can guarantee the drive rigidity and position precision of the miller.  The guide way of miller adopts the centralized lubricating device to carry on the clearance lubrication, equipped with a good protective device.  The ball screw rod set fully eliminates the clearance and raise the rigidity of moving parts.


The miller adopts the hanging centralized operating button station, on which all operation buttons, display and handgun of miller are equipped.  By display, it can show the coordinate place that the cutter is at the miller, the surplus moving distance in the executed program segment, program number, the program under execution or edition, running number, afferent words and values, alarming number and simple alarming content.  It can still show the command value of ongoing state and fuzzy state, presetting data and parameter, etc.


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Good workmanship, reasonable design and friendly service

Good workmanship, reasonable design and friendly service

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