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VHMC-50 vertical & horizontal machining center is a kind of high capacity high efficiency and high speed CNC LATHE that its spindle can be automatic vertical & horizontal transform and automatic tool change . The machine center can automatically change for tool during machining, it may once clamp and be machining with all kinds of working procedures for one work piece ’ s multi-surface , for example milling, drilling , counter boring , boring , reaming, tapping , etc . It is used in machine Box Type Parts and ending Form Parts for medium scale small amount, multi—varieties production. The machine center is widely used in mechanism and electron section of all walks of lif. It is a kind of perfect equipment in the multi-industries area of technological transformation and upgrade of equipment, for example Modern Defense Industry, Automobile, Tractor, Mould Light industry Machinery, etc.

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Good workmanship, reasonable design and friendly service

Good workmanship, reasonable design and friendly service

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