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VMC650 VMC650 VMC650 VMC650
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This machine tool is in its standard configuration to be equipped with a Siemens 802D baseline CNC system and is provided with such functions that a CNC machine tool should have as linear interpolation, circular interpolation, fast positioning, coordinate system setting, tool offset, loop start, fixed cycle, self-diagnostics and program memory, which is high in the machine tool rigidity, good in machining precision and applicable to processing of a variety of flat, hole or planar complex-shaped parts, thus making it an important facility equipped in the machinery manufacturing, mold making and teaching.

For the main transmission of the machine tool, an inverter-controlled motor coordinated with the synchronous belt drive to achieve the stepless speed regulation of the spindle is adopted. Three coordinates X, Y and Z are directly connected each to the ball screws with servo motors, so as to achieve the feed movement in each direction respectively. As the pre-stretch structure is adopted in the ball screws, the transmission stiffness and positional accuracy of the machine tool are ensured. The gap is eliminated in all the ball screws and the motion rigidity of the moving parts is improved. A centralized lubrication device is adopted to carry out the gap lubrication for the guideways of the machine tool, thus providing a good protective device for the machine tool.

All the operation buttons, displays, hand wheels and external data interfaces are mounted on the control panel box. On the display, the coordinate positions of the tool in the machine tool, the remaining amount of movement within the program block executed, the program number executed, the program  being executed or edited, the order number, the character and numeric inputted, the alarm number and simple alarm content are shown and the state and modal command values and parameter settings and other data can also be displayed. It is possible to control the X-, Y- and Z-axis motor to make adjustments in all directions through the handwheels. The external data interfaces can be connected to a personal computer through a data line for data transmission, so as to have the programming completed outside the machine tool, thus saving the working time occupied at the machine tool because of programming.


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Good workmanship, reasonable design and friendly service

Good workmanship, reasonable design and friendly service

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